To move forward, we need a few details about you and your business to complete some research around your profile and space in your industry. Following that we will be in touch to complete the actual implementation of your profile refresh, followed by the start of your campaign.

LinkedIn SEO Onboarding Form

LinkedIn Log In Details

Note : The process for us to login to your LinkedIn account will be as follows:
Step 1: You give us the logins to your LinkedIn Profile (above)
Step 2: As this is the first time your LinkedIn account is accessed from a new IP/Computer, LinkedIn will send a code to your email ID to authenticate the login. This code is required in real time.

Company Details 

if your current profile is not up to date
if your current profile is not up to date
these can be case studies
What your specialties are, what people would type in to find your specialty/s
including those brands that are bigger than you, same size, or perhaps even smaller? Who else would a prospect consider or search for in the search for the service that you and your competitor offer?

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