B2B Sales And The Evolution Of The Buyers Journey

Rewind any further than a decade or so, and the ability to build personal relationships was probably the most important skill for a salesperson, and a company’s ability to grow. It’s what many businesses exclusively used to build their business. Now, although we’re not denying it’s still an important part of the B2B sales process … Continued

Why you should focus internally before marketing to potential customers.

You’ve taken the leap and you’ve been working hard. You’ve developed a new marketing strategy that’s perfectly constructed to target your ideal prospects; part of this is a total refresh of what the business and the brand are all about,  and you’re sitting on the very brink of pushing the button to unleash a new … Continued

How do you know your marketing is working?

It’s an important question. Because if you’re spending all this money and you’re not sure of the results, then what’s the point..? You could always just – stop – and see what happens.  Rather a brave move, to be honest, and a smarter way of doing it would be to get into some marketing measurement, … Continued

Sales and Marketing, or Sales vs Marketing?

If sales and marketing were cities, they’d be Sydney and Melbourne. Both of them lively, wonderful places but very different in every way, except for their shared disregard for each other’s charms, and their common goal of being a great place to live.  You see where I’m going here ;)  The aim of both sales … Continued

Could Fewer Customers be the Key to Success for SMEs..?!

More customers, more growth, more profitability – that’s what we’ve all learned to chase, isn’t it..? And yet, they’re often accompanied with more complexity, more hassle, a strain on resources, and if you’re in a service-oriented industry, more time spent with clients that’s difficult to charge for.   Ever heard this one?  “This business would be … Continued

Organisational values: creating them, making them work and keeping them alive.

The problem with organisational values  I frequently get asked to articulate organisational values statements for clients who sense the important role values play in positive company culture.  The first thing I say is “I can’t tell you what your values are; if they’re not authentically yours they’ll be meaningless”. And then I explain how we … Continued