Episode 15 – Jayne Good: Lessons in Leadership: How Jayne Built a Thriving Business

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About this Episode

Join me for a fascinating conversation with Jayne Good, the chief operating officer of Good Constructions.

With almost 30 years of experience, Jayne shares some really valuable insights into how she and her husband started and grew their company, which focuses on building high end custom homes and big commercial projects before specialising in retirement housing.

They began in 1995 and have expanded from the Mornington Peninsula to Melbourne and beyond. It's a great example of how they've always aimed for top quality and cared about the environment when building things.

During our talk, Jayne looks back on the important moments that shaped their company's path, like when they shifted from building luxury homes to working on retirement living projects. She tells us about the challenges they faced as a small family business and how they built a culture of open communication and support, which turned out to be really important for their success.

She also talks about how they make sure to regularly check in with their employees, give and receive feedback, and help new employees get settled in, showing us how important it is to keep the team happy and growing.

We'll explore the lessons from Jayne's journey, from making the most of opportunities and managing resources well to the power of making connections and getting advice from experienced people in the industry.

This episode is sure to inspire and teach us about persistence, growth, and always aiming for the best in the construction and business world.

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