Could Fewer Customers be the Key to Success for SMEs..?!

More customers, more growth, more profitability – that’s what we’ve all learned to chase, isn’t it..? And yet, they’re often accompanied with more complexity, more hassle, a strain on resources, and if you’re in a service-oriented industry, more time spent with clients that’s difficult to charge for.   Ever heard this one?  “This business would be … Continued

Customer Lifecycle Optimisation: How to Improve It

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” It’s a quote we’ve all heard before, but it holds a clue about how to improve your sales funnel – and your overall marketing program. The idea of the chain metaphor is that if you tug hard enough, the chain will break – right at … Continued

Why Trust Is the Key to Customer Loyalty

It’s Marketing 101: The marketer’s two jobs are customer acquisition and loyalty/retention. When it comes to retention, there’s an often-overlooked factor that plays an over-sized role:TRUST. Trust comes from a relationship and it builds over time, with every interaction and at every touchpoint. Over time, someone’s trust in the complete consumer experience with a merchant … Continued