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  • December 16, 2022

Running a small business is a bit like having kids. People can tell you about it, and you can prepare all you want. But until you actually do it yourself, you have no idea what your new reality is going to be like. The day-to-day, the unexpected, the highs and lows and the myriad of new things you have learn. 

You see..? Just like a small business. In fact, if people could properly convey the hard work, lack of sleep and topsy-turvy life you’re about to launch into, perhaps many of us wouldn’t do it at all… I’m talking about starting a small business now, not having kids, of course! Ahem…

So in the run up to the end of the year, looking back and reflecting we felt a little bit exhausted, and a touch run down, but also rather proud of what we’ve done. 

As small business owners ourselves, we’re still here. In fact, we’re doing alright. Granted we’ve been at this for over 20 years, but it’s important now and again to pause, reflect, and consider how far you’ve come. 

In this last year, although it’s been brewing for a long time, we re-positioned our entire business – to help small to medium sized businesses. We changed the name of the company, built an entirely new model where SMEs can access the ‘senior’ marketing expertise they need, without having to pay their full salary, and it’s working an absolute treat. Hint – it’s getting senior people in for just a few days, and you can read more here if you want.  

   But this blog isn’t about us, it’s about all you small business owners out there. 

We did some research, and discovered that 50% of Australians are employed by small businesses, who contribute almost 50% of the GDP of the entire country. That’s despite the fact that 20% will fail within the first twelve months, and 60% will be gone within three years!

So you’ve got to be pretty motivated to get into that kind of environment. Hard work, high chance of failure, no guarantees and lots of new ground to cover. Every. Single. Day. 

On the other hand, the potential rewards for all that hard work are immeasurable.
However you want to define success, a small business can help you get there.

The satisfaction of standing on your own two feet, taking on the world and winning? Yep.
Financial security for you and your family, and a legacy for the next generation? Yep.
The singular joy of doing what you want for a living, and actually making a living?
Yes indeed, all of these are up for grabs when you run a small business. 

So this new year, here’s to all the small business owners out there.

Well done, congratulations, and no matter how hard it’s been, and continues to be, you’re still here, you’re still battling away, and if you can – try and squeeze in a bit of down time over the holidays. In amongst all the Summer cheer, allow yourself a moment or two of reflection and peace, and consider how far you’ve come.

We don’t do that as much as we should, well, I certainly don’t, and perhaps that’s a resolution worth keeping. So let’s raise a glass, together. Learn from last year. Put it behind us, and bring in the new year feeling stronger, wiser, and ready for whatever lies ahead.


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