Episode 11 – Elinor Moshe: When things are tough, the character truly comes out

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About this Episode

Eleanor Moshe, founder of the Construction Coach, shares her journey of bridging the gap in the construction industry through mentorship and a powerhouse mindset.

Eleanor's story begins with her realisation of the complexity of driving consistent results and her decision to break free from a toxic work environment.

Late one night, she had a vision for the Construction Coach and transformed it from a simple blog into a thriving platform encompassing a podcast, masterminds, books, awards, training, and collaborations.

Throughout the episode, Eleanor emphasises the importance of marketing, selling, and prospecting as primary duties, highlighting the importance of adding value to one's audience and driving business growth.

She also shares the lessons she has learned, including the significance of client experience, continuous improvement, and the implementation phase.

Eleanor's journey serves as a reminder of the power of perseverance, patience, and embracing challenges in the entrepreneurial journey.

Her story inspires small business owners to think long-term, overcome obstacles, and create a business and life you have dreamt of.

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