Episode 12 – Renee Francis: Creating a flexible and productive distributed company

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About this Episode

Renee Francis, founder of The Bubble Co, began her journey began with her realisation that the corporate world was not for her, leading her to take on contract positions and gain valuable experience in various industries.

This work grew to the point that she founded The Bubble Co with a vision to create a remote and flexible agency that delivers exceptional value to clients.

In this episode we discuss how Renee has created a business focused on accountability and collaboration while being a distributed or remote team that is located throughout Australia and New Zealand.

To ensure all new team members share Renee’s values of flexibility and high-quality work, she shares her approach exploring the company's vision in the recruitment and onboarding process. Additionally, Renee’s approach to continually articulate and communicate the company's vision ensures alignment, motivation, autonomy, consistency, and accountability across the team.

This episode explores different approaches to building a successful remote team that leverages continuous learning, adaptability, and creating a remarkable experience for team members and clients.

This episode provides practical insights and strategies for managing and motivating a remote team, including effective communication, recruitment processes, and fostering a positive work culture.

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