Episode 9 – Louie Dupe: Overcoming adversity to build a $20M business

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About this Episode

In the world of entrepreneurship, overcoming challenges and finding solutions is a constant pursuit. Louie Dupe, the founder and director of Customer Driven has experienced the highs and lows of building his business.

After more than a decade of experience in leading large-scale customer service operations, Louie took the leap to starting his own business. In 9 years, he and his team have successfully navigated the path to growth and profitability. Today, Customer Driven has a turnover of almost $20 Million and a team of 90 people.

In this episode, we discuss Louise's insights into the importance of sharing one's story, celebrating achievements, and building a self-sustaining business. These lessons underpin the success of many aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

In our conversation we discuss:

  1. Balancing different responsibilities in a business can be challenging, but finding ways to juggle tasks and prioritise effectively is crucial for growth.

  2. Motivating and mentoring staff requires dedicated time and effort, including understanding their ambitions and providing opportunities for development.

  3. Strategic initiatives should be driven by a combination of opportunistic factors and thoughtful planning, considering market opportunities and client feedback.

  4. Collaboration and open communication between co-founders or leaders can lead to better decision-making and business management.

  5. Long-term thinking and prioritising impactful activities are essential for a successful business strategy.

  6. Adaptability and the ability to learn from setbacks and hardships are key to overcoming challenges and driving growth.

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