A1 Metallising

Total Marketing Upgrade

60 years in the making 

This venerable business was built the old way – sweat and sales. However, it was looking its age with its original logo and 10 year old website that belied its recent investments in the most advanced laser processes in Australia. 

The challenge 

There was a lot of emotion tied up with the way the family business saw itself and we had to find a way forward that was authentic to who they are today but respected the past. As well, the business had never done any marketing, and sales lacked focus with unclear priorities. 

The solution

Collaborating closely, we developed a Blueprint strategy which identified targets and growth priorities. A full rebrand was also completed which span off a new website, collateral, video, signage and so on.

Behind all this we set up the marketing function with a new focus on leads and accountability. We re-engaged customers, launched new product and systematised promotional activities across multiple channels.

So, your business needs to move
to the next stage of growth?

We provide the internal skills, the strategy and the execution solutions for repeatable, sustainable success.

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