Are you winning customer’s hearts with your brand?

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  • November 1, 2022

Customers are judging you on your appearance. It is to be the year of brand reputation, so will yours win their heart and conscience?

If there were to be one word to describe the world today it would be ‘connected’. We talk and share in ever increasing amounts from anywhere in the world. The laptops, smart phones and now even watches that allow us to do this have become part of everyday life as they serve our addiction to instant, real time information at our finger tips.

Unsurprisingly, this is influencing decision-making. It has given customers the power to see beyond the product feature and special offer messages to identify businesses and organisations that share the same values. So as marketers, how do we make sure a brand’s reputation is representative of the audience we want to talk to?

Be part of the club

Everyone likes to aspire, feel important and be part of something. There is no greater example of this than the glitz and glamour of what could previously be called the ‘elitist’ world. However, the doors to these once exclusive communities have been opened for all to see. This, and a change in social attitudes, has given rise to a new generation of consumers who no longer hold the same values in such esteem.

As a result, brands that once relied on these circles have to evolve to maintain their social status. Burberry, a leading luxury fashion brand with a worldwide heritage in the highest positions in society, has shown how this is done.

“No-body can combine fashion and music the way Burberry does…it’s a lifestyle we want to be part of. Something they engage us in and they get us.” “Tonight completely summed-up London life at the moment.”[1] These are remarks from two attendees of a Kaiser Chief concert in their flagship Regent Street, London store.[2] Burberry has embraced popular culture to be relevant to a new market of consumers with high purchasing power. It has become ‘one of us’ by sharing our interests and values whilst keeping to its heritage of being the choice of social influencers by teaming up with style icons ranging from musicians, actors and models to footballer’s sons. A social connection that is shared online for all to see and join.

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So whether you’re apart of a leading global brand such as Burberry, an SME in your city, or you’re building your own personal brand, it is critical that your brand reputation is representative of the audience you want to talk to.

Read more practical insights on how you can improve your band reputation to win your customer’s heart and conscious in upcoming articles.

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