If You Don’t Know Your Customers, You’ll Never Know Your Brand

customer-centric brand
  • General Business Strategy
  • February 12, 2023

Do you have a customer-centric brand?

This may feel like marketing 101, but it’s amazing how many companies define simply having a brand as an excuse for having a brand that truly resonates with customers. Unfortunately, you just can’t expect to compete in today’s marketplace without a clearly defined purpose.

So what is understanding your brand really about? Understanding your prospective client base. If you want to build and maintain a strong brand, you’ll need to focus on what your customers want and how you can guarantee to deliver it. There’s no point trying to second-guess their emotions and decision-making ability.

InsideOut Group worked with wholesale retail travel brand Adventure World to do just this. Read on to learn what happened:

The Problem

Adventure World lacked a deep, holistic understanding of their customer groups, resulting in a fragmented and unclear marketing strategy, low customer satisfaction and declining engagement and purchase rates.

Our Solution

InsideOut Group undertook a strategic process called a ‘Digital Blueprint’. The Blueprint involved a series of key stakeholder interviews, data profiling and collaborative workshops to define the company’s brand vision, customer groups, and digital communication strategies.

This process established three clear customer segments: mature 40+ discerning travelers, the adventure-driven 30+ group, and the 20-29 youth market looking for discovery.

This allowed InsideOut Group to develop a new creative vision and accompanying designs for the brand’s website and email communications, tailored to its newly identified target markets.

New internal and customer-facing practices were put in place, and a refreshed tagline ‘A lifetime of extraordinary travel’ was coined, bringing Adventure World’s digital transformation full circle.

The Results

InsideOut Group’s work delivered Adventure World a cohesive and strategic brand direction to help them communicate more efficiently and effectively with their target market segments.

After the implementation of their new creative, Adventure World saw increased website and email engagement levels.

Internally, the work has given Adventure World Travel a more definitive purpose and direction for their consumer-facing operations, which has extended to their third-party travel agents.

A Lesson Learnt

So what’s the takeout? Before you try to define your brand and push messages out, spend some time understanding your customers: how do they feel, and importantly what are their needs? After all, your brand is what you are really selling to your customers, not just any old product or service they can find elsewhere.

Let’s talk about how to match your brand with what your customer’s wants and needs.

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