Could Fewer Customers be the Key to Success for SMEs..?!

More customers, more growth, more profitability – that’s what we’ve all learned to chase, isn’t it..? And yet, they’re often accompanied with more complexity, more hassle, a strain on resources, and if you’re in a service-oriented industry, more time spent with clients that’s difficult to charge for.   Ever heard this one?  “This business would be … Continued

New Approaches to Better Marketing in the Construction Sector

Is marketing in the construction, architecture and civil engineering space different to other industries? Well, yes and no.   Certainly, there are a few differences, characteristics unique to the sector, however many of the fundamentals of B to B marketing strategies apply the same as they would to any other sector. Additionally, the same can be said about the … Continued

Why B2B Companies Must Invest In Brand Too

When people think “brand” they often think “logo”. The golden arches of McDonald’s, the Nike Swoosh – those iconic symbols that instantly call a company to mind. But a logo, name, symbol or design is merely the tip of the brand iceberg. Let’s take a look at what brand is, why B2B buyers care about … Continued